Chef’s First Choice thrives on innovation.

We develop solutions that fit your specific needs rather than fit an existing product range.

Chef’s First Choice aims to be your first choice for delicious, nutritious and dependable flavour bases. Our extensive range of boosters, soups and dry spice mixes is trusted by chefs all over Australia.

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Chef’s First Choice is an Australian owned and family-operated company with 15 years experience of creating, making and supplying an appealing range of premium-quality savoury seasonings and ingredients for the food industry.

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Chef’s First Choice is set-up to offer you customised seasoning blends, designed around your own proprietary formula. It’s an increasingly popular option that provides greater control over consistency.

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Eddie Pasco

Professional Chef and Restaurateur.

Eddie is a veteran of many award winning restaurants and bistros including Penrith Golf Club, Hotel Seven Hills and The Springwood Golf Club at Winmalee. He is currently about to open a new Charcoal Chicken outlet in Blaxland in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney and is currently working with Vince on a new batch of rubs and sprinkles that will have mouths watering.

“We have been a customer of Chef’s First Choice for over 14 years. We use their boosters, sauces, gravy powder and CrumbMate products. The reason is simple. No one gives us the personal service that the team at CFC provides. They listen to us and work with us to deliver the flavours that we want.”

While he finds many of Chef’s First Choice’s products far superior to the large multi-national brands, he sights the gravy powder as a standout. “It holds better has great flavor and less salty. All round it is just a better product”.

The other big cost saver is CrumbMate. Bistros are big on crumbed dishes and CrumbMate saves Eddie a fortune on eggs, and actually delivers a better result.

Many of his signature dishes feature flavourings that have been developed with Vince’s team go on to become best sellers. They are also very profitable because they can be produced quickly and consistently, always knowing that Chef’s First Choice’s will deliver the perfect ingredients.

We did a lot of Roasts and the Chef’s First Choice Rich Brown Gravy was always a winner but it was the baked potato sprinkle that kept the customers coming back. It was paprika based but had a fine balance of about five ingredients that delivered a crunchy, crispy crust that was irresistible.

Says Eddie “For us it has always been a no brainer. Vince and his team at Chef’s First Choice’s listen to what we want, have the expertise to develop those unique flavours and deliver them consistently at a price that is way below other suppliers. What more could you ask for.”