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Choose from a range of flavoursome and functional premixes for pies, sausages, hamburgers, bakery products and more. They’re crafted to draw out maximum taste from the meals that you make, and are very quick and easy to use.

Our Soup range includes:

Order CodeDescription/Features
9000-C2Asparagus Soup
9001-C2French Onion Soup
9002-C2Celery Soup
9100-A2Country Beef & Potato Soup
9101-RA20Cream of Chicken Soup
9102-A2Chicken Noodle Soup
9103-A2Minestrone Soup
9104-A2Pea and Ham
9105-A2Potato and Leek Soup
9106-A2Pumpkin Soup
9106-A20Pumpkin Soup
9107-A15Seafood Chowder Soup
9108-A2Thick Vegetable Soup
9109-A2Tomato Soup
9110-A2Chunky Vegetable Soup 725
9111-A2Rich Beef Soup
9114-A20Chicken & Mushroom Soup
9200-I15Sweet Corn and Chicken Soup
9201-I2Cream Base Soup
9202-I20French Onion Soup
9204-I20Chicken Noodle Soup (Without Noodles)
9205-I2Goulash Soup
9207-I2Mushroom Soup
9209-I12.5Potato and Leek Soup
9209-I2Potato & Leek Soup
9210-I20Pea & Ham Soup
9211-I2Pumpkin Soup
9212-I2Tomato Soup
9213-I20Thick Vegetable Soup
9214-I15Smoke Salmon and Chive Soup

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