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Our chef-created soups are made with hearty ingredients and deliver rich, tasty broths that really satisfy.

They’re aromatic, offer appealing colour, and are practical too, as they’re easy for any busy kitchen to quickly heat and then plate-up.

Available in 2kg, 4kg, 8kg and 20kg.

Our Boosters range includes:

Order CodeDescription/Features
1001-C1Beef Booster (No Added MSG)
1005-HC8Chicken Booster MH
1100-G08Chicken Booster (No Added MSG & Gluten)
1200-CP8Chicken Booster Premium
1202-CBBNAM8Chicken Booster (No Added MSG)
1203-CBN8Chicken Booster Neutral
1300-C10Vegetable Booster Premium (No Added MSG)
1600-IP20Pumpkin Booster
1601-IP20Mushroom Booster
CS/PZCelery Salt
FB2kg N/AFish Booster 2kg
SM/CBROTHChicken Broth

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