Sprinkles & Herbs

Consistent, appetising and versatile!

Chef’s First Choice sprinkles and bended herbs provide you with a fast and easy way to make a wide variety of popular meals. You’ll be impressed by how much they make your food look, smell and taste even better.


Our Sprinkles & Herbs range includes:

Order CodeDescription/Features
4000-CF10Chicken Salt Premium
4000-FC20Chicken Salt FC
4001-FFS10French Fry Sprinkle
4001-ZCSZesty Chicken Salt
4002-APZSAll Purpose Zesty Salt
4002-BBQSBBQ Sprinkle
8007-C20Lemon Pepper Orange
8031-RVSSRosemary, Vinegar & Sea Salt
8310-PSPotato Sprinkle
9004346Smoked Apple Seasoning
CSFFChicken Salt FF
CSFF733Chicken Salt
FSFish Enhancer
FS/H&GMHerb & Garlic Medley
G&HKGarlic and Herb Kebab
GSNS/627Garlic Steak Seasoning (No Salt)
LPY1Lemon Pepper Yellow
PSSNSPepper Steak Seasoning (No Salt)
5-SEAS008Char-grill Seasoning

Our Rubs range includes:

Order CodeDescription/Features
5-INJ001Herb & Garlic Injection Brine
5-R015AFennel & Coriander Rub
5-R016AGarlic & Rosemary Rub
5-RR001Herb & Garlic & Lemon Rub
5-RR002Adobo Rub
5-RR003Red Wine Garlic & pepper Rub
5-RUB031Rosemary, Honey & Mint Rub
5-SEAS042ATexan Brisket Seasoning
6-PM003CFC Chipotle Chilli Blend No 1#
6-RUB089Lemon & Sage Rub
6001-SBBQSmokey BBQ Sprinkle
7211-VIPSPortuguese Seasoning
8016-FMRMoroccan Rub
8019-C1Garlic Steak Seasoning
8201-L&HRLemon and Herb Rub
9004345Chipotle Tex Mex Seasoning
9806-TKRTeriyaki Rub
PEDI/RBRRoast Beef Rub

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