Makers of quality gravies, boosters, sauces, soups & blended herbs and spices

Chef’s First Choice aims to be your first choice for delicious, nutritious and dependable flavour bases. Our extensive range of boosters, soups and dry spice mixes is trusted by chefs all over Australia.

All of the ingredients we use are carefully selected to meet strict quality requirements and are food safety certified by HACCP Australia, to provide you with consistent products that deliver the flavours you’re after.

Our range is known for quality, taste and reliability at a competitive price, which our customers tell us gives us a real edge in the market.


Boosters add a real depth of flavour to stocks, gravies, soups, sauces, casseroles, marinades, rice dishes, pies and quiches. Can be used as a sprinkle or mixed with boiling water to make a stock.

Coatings & Stuffing Mixes

Created for all types of red meat, pork, poultry, and seafood dishes, our easy to apply coatings and stuffing mixes take the guesswork out of food preparation. They provide you with quality aromas and flavours that really make the difference.


Why are smart Chefs changing from eggwash to Crumb-Mate? Just 8gms of Crumb-Mate equals 1 litre of egg mixture. That’s 24 eggs, approximate cost $7.80 compared to only 15c. Crumb-Mate will also help your dishes absorb less oil.


Our quality dehydrated marinade glazes are created as coatings to tenderise and enhance fresh red meat, pork, poultry and seafood. They allow you to add a whole world of bold and tantalising flavours to the meals that you make.


Our gravies are cost effective and second to none in flavour. They have a rich, even consistency.

Preparation is a breeze with a stable thaw after freezing and they will not lump...

Functional Ingedients

Chef’s First Choice manufactures and blends a wide range of injections, brines, cures phosphates for the meat, poultry, smallgoods, bakery, health & nutrition, snack food and beverage industries.


Choose from a range of flavoursome and functional premixes for pies, sausages, hamburgers, bakery products and more. They’re crafted to draw out maximum taste from the meals that you make, and are very quick and easy to use.


Now you can quickly and easily create delicious top-draw sauces with a range of carefully crafted dry sauce mixes. They are well-suited for grilled chicken, beef, lamb, duck, and fish recipes, braised meats, pies, and stews.

Seasonings & Spices

Our finely crafted seasonings and spice blends provide your meals with a truly authentic touch. We offer you a large choice of culinary delights from the four corners of the globe to make any meal simply marvelous.


Our chef-created soups are made with hearty ingredients and deliver rich, tasty broths that really satisfy. They’re aromatic, offer appealing colour, and are practical too, as they’re easy for any busy kitchen to quickly heat and then plate-up.

Sprinkles & Herbs

Consistent, appetising and versatile, Chef’s First Choice sprinkles and bended herbs provide you with a fast and easy way to make a wide variety of popular meals. You’ll be impressed by how much they make your food look, smell and taste even better.