Choose from a range of flavoursome and functional premixes for pies, sausages, hamburgers, bakery products and more. They’re crafted to draw out maximum taste from the meals that you make, and are very quick and easy to use.

Our Premixes range includes:

Order CodeDescription/Features
3901-POEP4Old English Pork Sausage Premix
3902-FPSM1Pork Season Meal
5-KOF001Complete Kofta Premix
5000-3.5Beefy Red Premix JP
5000-4.5Beef Red Premix
5002-HMHamburger Premix
5003-YHerb & Garlic Sausage Premix
5004-HMPremium Premier Beef Meal
5005-BSL 1/8Beef Premix SL
5005-PP4Old English Pork
5006-PE10Euro Chicken Premix
5100-BLSMBlanched Pork Premix
6-BBQPB001Aussie BBQ Burger Premix
6-CRIS002Deluxe Chicken Rissole Premix
6-GSAUS033FItalian Chicken Season Meal
6-GSAUS093TBC Seasoning Meal
6-NNPBL003AWagyu Beef Sausage Premix
6-NNPBL005APork & Fennel Sausage Premix
6-PBL001Lamb Kofta Premix
6-SEAS-DVMDeluxe Vegetable Mix
6-SEAS015SRZingy Chipotle Beef Base Premix No.3
7-CFCPBL003GF Frankfurt Easy Pack PMX
7-GSAUS002BPlum Mountain Pepper Sausage Premix
7-SEAS013Hungarian Salami Seasoning
ISSMPItalian Spicy Sausage Meal Premix
MH&RMint, Herb & Rosemary Premix
Pedi/PF7.3Frankfurt Premix
PEDI/RL/CONF16.2Continental Frankfurt Premix
Y&J/HPPHoney and Pork Premix
7-GSAUS001Sundried Tomato Sausage Premix

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