Functional Ingredients

Our injections allow flavour to get deep down into the meat while maximising moisture in chicken and beef. Our brines and cures really bring out the best in your ham, bacon and smallgoods. We also offer you phosphate blends that improve the eating quality of many foods, including meat, poultry, pork and seafood.

Our Brine range:

Order CodeDescription/Features
1110-CMMCrumb-Mate Meat (Red Label)
5-INJ002Adobo Mex Injection
9801-FSHerb & Garlic Injection Brine
9803-MIBMoroccan Injection Brine
9805-KIBStandard Kebab Injection Brine
9805-RBIRoast Beef Injection
9806-TKIITeriyaki Injection
9807-BBQBBBQ Chicken Injection Brine
9807-BBWFChicken Injection Brine with Fibre
9807-L&HBRoast Chicken Static Marinade
BBQCB8.4BBQ Chicken Brine
SM/CBROTHChicken Broth

Our Cures range:

Order CodeDescription/Features
9808-TCWFTotal Cure with Fibre
9807-CCCure Compound
9806-Phosphate Free Brine
7-INJB001Injecta Cure
7-INJB005Ham Cure PF16
8-INJB005FPinapple Cure

Our Preservative range:

Order CodeDescription/Features
6-SLE007White Meat Shelf Life Extender
PEN/MEXTRed Meat Extender

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