Our gravies are well-crafted, cost effective, and second-to-none in flavour. They have a rich, even consistency, and preparation is a breeze with a stable thaw after freezing  ensuring that they will not lump.

Our Gravy range inlcudes:

Order CodeDescription/Features
2001-G8Rich Brown Gravy Special
2100-C8Rich Brown Gravy
2100-XC8Rich Brown Gravy XC
2101-C8Rich Brown Gravy (No Added MSG)
2200-C20Beef Gravy
3001-G7.5Chicken Gravy Premium
5-KK002Rich Brown Gravy (Light Colour)
6-GRAV001Lamb, Mint & Rosemary Gravy
RBGNAM#MT7Rich Brown Gravy (No added MSG)

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