Coatings & Stuffing Mixes

Take the guesswork out of food preparation

Created for all types of red meat, pork, poultry, and seafood dishes, our easy to apply coatings and stuffing mixes take the guesswork out of food preparation. They provide you with quality aromas and flavours that really make the difference.


Our Coatings & Stuffing Mixes range includes:

Order CodeDescription/Features
5-MJDB001ADevil Bites
8007-01Lemon Pepper Orange
8007-15Lemon Pepper Orange
8008-ING-0032Herb & Garlic Coating Blend
8009-PLH15Lemon and Herb Coating Mix
8010-PCCPortuguese Coating Crumb
8010-PPC-15Parmesan & Parsley Coating
8012-R&GC1Rosemary & Garlic Coating Crumb
8013-CBM10Chicken Breading Mix
8014-BFBuffalo Wing MC
8014-FSB1Southern Style Breader
8014-STBSouthern Style Breader
8018-HCCChicken Coating
8019-MWSPFSalt & Pepper Flour
8019-MWSSBMW Southern Style Breeder
8025-CCMChilli Crumb Mix
8029-MFMexican Crumb Blend
8302-MFBGP Batter Premium Mix
8014-5-BR002Crispy Fried Chicken Wings Breader
8014-DBCButtermilk Chicken
8200-BAOGBatter Mix
8200-PFBBatter Mix
8201-L&HTLemon & Herb Tenderloin Batter
8201-LHPTLemon, Herb & Pepper Tenderloin
8201-LPTBLemon Pepper Tenderloin Batter
8202-CKChicken Karaage Coating
8300-TBHTempura Batter H
7-BREA009AKentucky Breader
7-BREA019ACajun Valley Mix

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