Glazes & Marinades

Our quality dehydrated marinade glazes are created as coatings to tenderise and enhance fresh red meat, pork, poultry and seafood. They allow you to add a whole world of bold and tantalising flavours to the meals that you make.

Chef’s First Choice glazes are:

  • Easy to apply and store
  • Perfect for grilling, roasting and frying
  • Very efficient with no wasteful run-off that occurs with liquid alternatives
  • Able to offer you 100% coverage, absorbing flavours quicker and utilising the meat’s juices more effectively (apply around 2hrs before cooking)
  • Microbiologically more stable and ideal for freezing, whereas liquid marinades may contain bacteria due to the water content
  • More attractive in their raw form, over the saturation of liquid marinades.

Our Glazes range inlcudes:

Order CodeDescription/Features
6-GLZ058AHoney, Soy & Sesame Glaze
6500-02MEMMemphis Chicken
6703-PGPersian Glaze
7003-T2Thai Kaffir Lime
7004-P15Malaysian Satay
FS/STBSmokey Texan BBQ
5-GLZ006ASatay Glaze
7002-T10Spicy Wild Garlic & Tomato
7100-RLSCL-15Sweet Chilli Lime & Coriander
7100-SCL-2Sweet Chilli and Lime Coriander Glaze
7101-RLSNP15Satay Kebab
7101-RLTY15Tandoori Yogurt Glaze

Our Marinades range includes:

Order CodeDescription/Features
5-Mar2021Peri Peri Marinade
6-GLZ057Californian Stlye BBQ Marinade
6-GLZ077Kansas Style BBQ Marinade
6-Mar1950Smokey BBQ Marinade
6-Mar0120Teriyaki Marinade
7001-T10Wild Apricot & Ginger Marinade
7005-FP20Bondi Chicken Marinade
7006-ING-0028New Orleans Marinade
7007-ING-0024Spicy Plum & Ginger Marinade
7010-CPMChicken Prep Marinade
7201- HSPHoney & Soy Mariande Powder
IN/MEMMiddle Eastern Marinade

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