Deep Fry Coating Systems

Delivering chicken that
stays crispy twice as long!

Give yourself an edge in the home delivery game.

Deep fried chicken is one of the world’s favourite fast foods. With rise of the likes of Uber Eats and Doordash, more and more people are getting their favourite foods home delivered.

This presents a problem for fried foods, which often end up going soggy during the delivery process, but there is a solution! Chefs First Choice has developed a unique 4 Step Coating System that dramatically increases how long fried chicken will remain with that ‘just out of the fryer’ crispiness.

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Coatings and Stuffing Mixes from Chefs First Choice

Coatings & Stuffing Mixes

Crumb Mate(TM) by Chefs First Choice


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Functional Ingedients

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Sprinkles & Herbs

Everything we do is about authenticity and simplicity.

We want chefs to come along on our journey that we started over 20 years ago, a journey that has lead us to be so much more than just a gravy making business.

We care about our chefs and the food they serve. We want to make food preparation easier and quicker, using quality ingredients to produce amazing flavours and satisfied customers.

Through our love of R&D, we have developed a vast range of innovative products that open the doors to experiencing flavours from around the globe, from Asia, India, Europe, America, South America and Australia. We want you to experience these flavours and come with us on our journey.

We have a passion for food.

Authentic flavours, high quality ingredients, innovative formulas, personal service and superior value are the hallmarks of Chefs First Choice.

We believe in challenging the norms of food preparations and taste by developing amazing flavours and making them simple to apply.

We also understand your business and how important it is to be cost efficient. Our products provide a value that is second to none. We use less fillers than the large producers so our products are generally more concentrated, meaning you can use less and achieve the same results.

Our reputation is built on a simple philosophy. To closely work with our customers to understand their businesses and their style of cooking so we can develop specific formulations to help them achieve the most out of their kitchens.

We enjoy the challenge of developing new taste sensations.

At Chef First Choice we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation,

creativity and quality food ingredients. We strive to maintain our leading edge with excellent products for the discerning customer.

The current focus on quality, integrity and health continue to drive consumer demand for more natural and flavour authentic products. We are constantly working with our clients to deliver these authentic flavours, whilst reducing the use of artificial enhancements.


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Chefs First Choice is a proudly Australian family-owned manufacturer and marketer of dried food products, many of which are among the most trusted in the food industry. The company enjoys a strong reputation among chefs and wholesalers alike for products that are highly regarded for quality, taste, nutrition, convenience and value.

Australian made and owned